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Muscle Tightness & Weakness

Muscle Activation is a innovative technique that helps to eliminate pain and tightness at any location on the body within 1 to 3 treatments. 

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Herniated Disc/Nerve Pain

Pain that radiates down into the neck, shoulders, hands, low back, top of the glutes and feet all can be symptoms of nerve pain. Don't wait for these symptoms to evolve into surgery. 

Joint Pain and injury

People living with joint pain have a high probability of it causing more server issues if left untreated. TMA has the recovery protocols to help get to the root of the pain.

Sports Injury & Prevention

The risk of injury can increase with more volume you place on your body. This is why we see injuries on the rise for club and school sports, high intensity training, marathon, triathlon, and crossfit. 

Neck and Low Back Pain

I think most of us have experienced some moderate to severe back pain. We have the answer to help you eliminate it fast without medication or shots. 

Sports Performance

Need to get to the next level? You could be missing one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle and not even know it. We have that piece your missing!

Post Surgery Recovery

After being released from their doctor, over 75% of patients still have some symptoms that relate back to their surgery. Let us help you get back to a pain free lifestyle that you once had. 

Concussion Treatments

Concussion symptoms can last weeks to months depending on the severity of the impact. Our Red-light Pro has helped many athletes get back on the field faster with fewer symptoms.

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TMA Recovery Membership

Let's keep you at 100%. Sign up for our Recovery membership to help aid in preventing further injuries and increase overall performance.

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