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About Texas Muscle Activation

Texas Muscle Activation is an advanced pain therapy clinic that uses cutting edge technology and advanced therapy protocols to address muscular pain and tightness. Through our systematic approach to treatments, we can eliminate inflammation at the source and cut the healing time down down by half. 


After over 20 years of research and hands on experience, we will help you to avoid unnecessary surgery and shots that can only complicate the injury further with time. 


Schedule a consultation today to get started on your journey back to a pain free lifestyle.

Jason Brown, CEO

Jason is an experienced specialist with extensive knowledge and proficiency of the muscular system and biomechanics.  With over 18 years of active hands on experience in this field, Jason has treated thousands of patients with just about every condition imaginable.  Through this, he developed his own unique approach and applications of muscle activation.  In 2008 he opened his own practice in Plano and expanded his practice and services right into the center of North Dallas' sports hub, in the booming city of Frisco, TX.

Through integration of individualized manual muscle activation with advanced mechanical treatments, Jason is able to heal patients who have suffered with muscular injuries and chronic pain for years. Patients are amazed with his results and praise him for the opportunity to return to physical activity, games and normal life: just have a read of our social media reviews.  By working closely in conjunction with chiropractors and physicians to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to muscle injury, muscle imbalance and pain, TMA can help just about everyone feel better and treat virtually every muscular condition.  

In 2019, Jason took his systematic protocols of muscle activation and pain therapy to develop a franchise of TMA with the vision of reaching as many people as possible to experience his innovative approach to pain therapy and recovery. 

Jason Brown


Principle Owner

Texas Muscle Activation