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“As of veteran, bodyguard, Fitness competitor and lifetime athlete I very much value who is working on my body. Jason Brown and staff are phenomenal and were the only professionals of several visited that could rectify a bulging disk issue that I had and get me back up to full speed for competing in crossfit and strongman! Highly recommended before any consideration of going under the knife. They are great!.”

Rob Helm

“I've been dealing with tendinitis in my elbow constantly for 2 years! The doctor, physical therapist & chiropractor have not been able to fix the problem. I seen Jason yesterday for the first time and he was not only able to diagnosis the reason for the tendinitis but after the first round of treatments, I woke up this morning with my elbow feeling the best it has in over 2 years! His extensive knowledge and professionalism go unmatched. In the future I will go Texas Muscle Activation to fix all my ailments”

Cindy McFadden

“ I highly recommend Jason Brown with Texas Muscle Activation! He has not only helped alleviate all the pain in my neck and arm caused from 3 bulging discs with his top notch muscle activation skills, but now he is using his "State of the Art" equipment like the K Laser to heal a 27 yr old injury I never imagined could get better! I am forever grateful for him and his team! They are easy to work with and make you feel at ease no matter the situation.”

Angelique Gates


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