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TMA- Franchise Owner- Frisco, TX


AS, MAT, NASM, Cooper Ins, NSCA 


Chad started his career in the physical therapy industry in 1999 to 2003 where he worked with all types of patients suffering from chronic/acute pain and injuries to pre/post op surgery. During this time he learned the importance of bio-kinetics and the effect it had on injury recovery, injury prevention, and performance. 


He then furthered his career in the strength and conditioning industry for the next 15 years working with youth, colligate, and pro athletes. Teaching them the imports of bio-kinetics and how it pertained to their sport. During this time he also worked with the general population for total body strengthening, weight loss, and improvement in performance using the latest testing protocols for increasing metabolic proficiency through V02 max, resting/active metabolic rate, and anaerobic threshold testing. 


Today, Chad has strengthened his knowledge of bio-kinetics by completeing the Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist program in 2017. The past 3 years he has tested and treated hundreds of patients using MAT protocols determining range of motion incapabilities that identify muscular imbalances and weaknesses. This process along with the state of the art modalities TMA has to offer he has been able to help people get to the root of their problem. Chad is dedicated to educating as many people as possible.

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