Why we are the only ones in Texas with this protocol for healing!

Are you sick and tired of jumping from one health care provider to another? Most people that end up at Texas Muscle Activation have tried every avenue to address their pain. The problem with traditional medicine when dealing with muscular or nerve pain is to either do the ancient techniques of Physical Therapy or take a drug that will kill the pain temporarily. Chiropractors can be beneficial but that is only one piece to the puzzle. I'm going to be completely honest--most of the time, just one therapy won't work with alleviating pain and inflammation. I've found this out over the years by working on thousands of individuals that live in pain each day because they refuse to get hooked on pain pills or have come to a dead end with traditional medicine.

Texas Muscle Activation takes a completely different approach to treating pain. Our protocol was developed to address not only the structural and mechanical issues of the body, but also to address inflammation and pain at the circulatory system, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system. There is no other protocol that follows our system of healing the body in less than half the time of most other treatments. Call today to find out how we can actually correct your body and not just put a band-aid on it!

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