NormaTec Recovery Therapy

Sometimes, after a workout, your muscles are exhausted, as if you cannot even take another step. There are methods of recovery, such as icing your joints and pain relievers to get rid of the ache, but they do not hit your body as effectively as NormaTec Recovery Systems do.

As a part of a person’s training routine, NormaTec is designed to speed up the recovery process with the use of compressed air that massage your limbs and moves fluid through the muscles.

The NormaTec System comes with a leg, arm and hip attachment that is placed wherever the pain and weakness are. These attachments wrap around the limb and form to your body. The entire process is a series of kneading and compressing movements that allow the muscles to relax as they begin the recovery stage. They will then slowly compress and decompress, moving fluid and metabolites out of the muscles. There is slight pressure during this process to keep the fluids from being forced in the wrong direction back into the muscle. The slow releasing movement from the compressing and decompressing movement allows the portion of the limb to get the full rest time that it needs, without the pause between the compression sequences.

Using NormaTec as your main way of recovery helps you heal faster between your trainings and allows your muscles to relax after performance. This is a great form of rehabilitation therapy for the fitness enthusiast or athlete!

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