HillDT Decompression Table

Is so effective in treating pain through Lumbar and Cervical Decompression 96% of providers have reported better patient outcomes after patients invest with the HillDT spinal decompression treatment.  Patients with chronic pain who complete treatment have reported to be pain-free.

Difference in HillDT Decompression Table vs. Traction Tables

HILLDT has revolutionized spinal decompression and is 96% more effective than its competitors. The HillDT decompression table capabilities far surpass the abilities of traditional capable traction. These cable type tables retract the whole cervical/lumbar spine usually resulting in q guarding of the effected disc/discs not allowing for proper separation. The HillDT decompression (non-cable) table differs with its ability to angle to the right lordosis curvature of the spine resulting only pulling at the site of the effected disc/discs. Limiting the retraction down to only two levels or disc at a time eliminating guarding.  HillDT decompression has figured out that by pulling at the right angle and degree the treatment is 50% more effective resulting in a much more effective treatment.

Get your life back on track and pain free! Give us a call to schedule your Free Consultation to see if you are a candidate for this service.


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