CryoFos Treatments

CryoFos delivers intense cold therapy using medical CO2 gas. From it’s pressurized liquid state, the gas emerges from the nozzle of the treatment gun hitting the skin at -78*C and cooling the treated area to -2*C in under 30 seconds. This abrupt and drastic temperature change, called thermal shock, triggers a near-reflexive response for healing the body.

Benefits include:

*Near immediate pain relief in 30 seconds or less.
*Reduces swelling
*Rapid Vasoconstriction has a draining effect on the tissue and reactive vasodilation increase blood flow.

This type of treatment works on just about every part of the body! CryoFos will help speed up the healing process with 5 to 10 treatments (depending on the location). Here at Texas Muscle Activation, we combine our treatments to give our patients the most effective way of speeding up the healing process and eliminating your body to compensate for the injury or weakness.

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