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Jason Brown has developed a cutting edge injury and pain recovery therapy clinic located in Frisco, Texas. TMA is committed to serving your every need with personalized service, individually prescribed therapies and active recovery treatments.

Our most innovative therapy is muscle testing and activation provided by Jason Brown, BS, MA, NASM. Jason is a Master of Biomechanics and long time Veteran of Muscle Activation. With over 18 years of active hands on experience in this field, Jason has treated thousands of patients with just about every condition imaginable and through this developed his own unique approach and applications of muscle activation. In 2008, he opened his own practice in Plano and has since expanded his practice and services right into the center of North Dallas’ sports hub in the booming city of Frisco.

Muscle testing and activation uses a systematic approach to identify muscle weakness and imbalance. This technique significantly decreases healing time, pain, and compensation while correcting body mechanics and speeding up the healing process. Patients love that they are “back in the game” quicker and most with increased performance and ability post recovery.
Through integration of individualized manual muscle activation with advanced mechanical treatments, Jason is able to heal patients who have suffered with muscular injuries and chronic pain for years. All patients are amazed with his results and praise him for the opportunity to return to physical activity, games and a normal life; just have a read of our social reviews. By working closely in conjunction with chiropractors and physicians to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to muscle injury, muscle imbalance and pain, we can help just about anyone feel better and treat virtually every condition.

Jason has been working with a number of athletes over the years from beginner to pro level. His knowledge of biomechanics and the muscular system has helped get players back in the game by minimizing the healing time from injury, pain and tightness. He works with clients (from athletes to everyday people and adults to adolescents) who want to improve their function, correct muscular imbalance, or address reoccurring injuries.


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